Factors Contributing to Worldwide High Rise Property Rates

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The sector’s companies expect a considerable revival in Poland in 2011 and 2012 because of deliveries of recent investments in residential and commercial segments, along with increasing purchases with the clients abstaining from shopping until recently. Nonetheless, analysts are careful of expectations of a strong upturn. According to KPMG, no fast go back to double-digit industry growth rates can be foreseen sooner, so manufacturers of construction materials cannot depend on a swift revival of internal demand.

However, there is certainly still prospect of export sales growth, not just to the largest EU markets, but also to emerging ones. Polish companies have noticed this opportunity. Barlinek or Selena are looking for profits in China. Atlas and Ferro are going to grow through aquisitions in CEE region. Plywood maker Grajewo is going to resume itsRussian investment.