Different Approaches to Organic Pest Control

If you're interested in finding a natural means to control pests in your garden, then there are many organic pest management hints readily available now to aid in your hunt.

Many anglers prefer to use organic pest management in their own gardens to prevent spraying potentially harmful compounds on the food they'll be eating soon. There are 4 standard procedures to keep your garden healthy and beautiful the organic manner.

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Cultural Organic Pest Control

This procedure means planting crops occasionally when they won't be vulnerable to some insects. A good illustration is candy corn. When implanted early in the summer it's possible to completely prevent earworms.

Mechanical Organic Pest Control

Mechanical techniques include turning the soil around the plants to expose insects to birds and other predators. Additionally, this can mean removing pests in the crops, washing leaves, and pruning.

Biological Organic Pest Control

This really is the most often used way of pest management in homes and greenhouses. There are lots of beneficial insects that can help control unwanted pests. Ladybugs are a perfect case since they consume aphids.

Chemical Organic Pest Control

Not all compounds are created equal and there are a few substances that are not organic. In case Aphids and whiteflies are an issue the leaves of the affected plants may be sprayed with water mixed with liquid soap.